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Italian Wrought Iron Brings Artistry to So Cal Homes
BY Bob Petroneila

While wrought iron has been part of the architecture and "culture" of Europe for 2000 years, it is accurate to say that the United States is only now beginning to appreciate the significant advantages of this beautiful and practical material as a true "building product." It is a durable metal, made out of mild steel that can be adapted to any style, shape, or pattern, and its functional applications are limitless.

Metal Amore is an Italian wrought iron showroom located in Escondido, Calif. It combines a passion for old-world techniques, a reverence for traditional craftsmanship, and a metal-smithing heritage unlike any other. Its downtown showroom demonstrates why Italian wrought iron is known for its exquisite quality and artistic design. Through the representation of more than 12,000 components which embellish and beautify any type of structure or landscape, Metal Amore is filling a need, enabling visitors to select wrought iron for applications which might have been “out of reach” in the past.

Builders, architects, designers, landscape engineers, and homeowners will find the most comprehensive catalogs of wrought iron components in the world at Metal Amore. Design books showing hundreds of stairs, gates, railings, and window grills for traditional. Spanish, Mediterranean and contemporary architecture are also available. The company's working showroom allows the custom design of wrought iron elements out of dozens of 'families' from round bar, square bar, tubular, hammered, vine-like, and etched railings to name a few. Italian blown glass inserts in various colors, brass bushings, grapevines, leaves, scrolls, balusters, knuckles, baskets, balls, curtain rods, painted signs, and metal stampings are all available and in stock.

"It combines a passion for old-world techniques, a reverence for traditional craftsmanship, and a metal-smithing heritage unlike any other."

Most of the products are in a "raw' component form and need to be properly cleaned and primed before paint or other coatings are applied. This allows the end user to custom design the final finished look whether it is clear-coated, galvanized, powder coated, or primed and painted. A digital photograph can be taken of any working layout created in the showroom for the customer to take and study prior to committing to a final design.

Pricing is competitive and often the best surprise of all. Contractor and builder discounts are available. Metal Amore offers job site delivery six days a week, technical support for fabricators and a CAD program on CD to assist professionals with designs requiring special needs. Homeowners looking to remodel existing structures or wishing to make their own custom artistic statement will find the showroom an opportunity to design their own masterpiece, bringing rich character, security, and uniqueness to their home decor or landscape.

Bob Petroneila is the owner of Metal Amore. For more information on Metal Amore, please call (760) 747-7200.